Resources – Reading, studying and using the Bible

Reading, studying and using the Bible

This webpage offers a selection of  links to useful resources connected with  the study of the Bible. In some cases the links we offer are ‘gateway’ sites which themselves lead you into a wider ranges of material.

Biblical versions/translations

Through the following sites it is possible to read and search versions of the Bible ‘online’.  You will be able to find a passage either by verse reference or by word or phrase.  offers links to a range of biblical translations in English which are widely used within Anglican churches (including for example the translation of the Psalms found in the Book of Common Prayer). offers links to a range of biblical translations in a considerable variety of modern languages. – offers the biblical text in an even wider range of modern languages.

Both the latter two sites also offer access to the New Testament in Greek and the Old Testament in Hebrew. However for purposes of critical study the website that probably gives the best access to modern critically accepted versions of the Greek and Hebrew biblical text is


Biblical languages


An easy to use site which contains an introductory course in biblical Hebrew and leads you into reading the first chapter of Genesis is


A ‘textkit’ of a range of resources for learning New Testament Greek can be found at – offers a well designed course in New Testament Greek for beginners. The online resources are free – but it is also possible to pay to sign up with a tutor.

Other resources for studying Greek are listed on the – see below.

Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

The Old Testament Gateway describes itself as  ‘a comprehensive, annotated, academic directory of internet sites on the Old Testament’ . It can be found at
However, although good, it is not as wide-ranging in its coverage or selection of authors as the New Testament Gateway site.

The website of the Old Testament scholar Ralph W Klein provides access to a range of Old Testament resources – as well as including a considerable number of useful class notes produces by Ralph Klein himself.

New Testament

The outstanding site administered by Mark Goodacre of Birmingham University, UK is comprehensive in its coverage and an obvious starting point for any work in New Testament Studies.

It is sometimes said that there is a special resonance between the Anglican tradition and the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John will also be the text used in the Bible studies at the Lambeth Conference 2008. It view of this it is helpful to point to ‘The Johannine Literature Web’ compiled by Revd Felix Just at

Hermeneutics and Using the Bible

The question of how the Bible is understood and used is a significant ongoing area in current Anglican conversations and an essential aspect of theological education.

In terms of web resources for this topic a useful introduction is provided by material on the site of the Bible Society   and particularly its flagship publication ‘The Bible in Transmission which is available as part of this site at
The summer 2007 issue of this journal contains an article by Canon Gordon Oliver, Director of Ministry and Training in Rochester Diocese, England entitled How does the Bible relate to the word of God?

Also useful is a brief paper by Professor Christopher Bryan given at the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars meeting in 2000  with the title of ‘Reflections on biblical authority’


The Bible in the Life of the Church or BILC seeks to help us engage more deeply with the Bible through gathering together a tool-box of educational resources. The contents of the tool-box come from all over the Anglican Communion and are designed to help everyone from provinces, dioceses, congregations, small groups and individuals deepen their understanding of the Bible.


The Bible in art etc

There are many sites which offer images and art  linked to the Bible. An excellent gateway is provided by the Art Index at the website   (see the Worship and Preaching section of these resources for more detail)

For images from a specifically Asian perspective see

An interesting series of paintings which explores the life of Jesus from an African, Cameroon perspective is the Vie de Jesus Mafa

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