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Lectionary for Bible readings in worship

The ecumenical and international Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) is increasingly used in Anglican Churches around the world to provide the biblical readings used in Sunday (and sometimes weekday) worship. It can be accessed :

For more about the process that led to the development of the Revised Common Lectionary see

This short powerpoint presentation offered by the United Methodist Church explains the structure and rationale of the lectionary.


The Church of England and The Episcopal Church of the USA use slightly adapted forms of the RCL

There are a number of excellent sites which offer preaching, worship and teaching resources linked to the Sunday Bible readings used in the RCL.


Preaching and worship linked to the lectionary

The excellent The Text this Week, contains a wealth of material. As well as contributions that are specifically written and original to the site, it acts as a gateway site leading into a wide range of other useful websites offering lectionary based resources.

The Anglican Church of Canada  offers weekly Sermon aids linked to the RCL.

A collection of resources called Sermons that work – comments on the RCL texts on The Episcopal Church of the USA web are available.

Resources in Spanish for preaching on RCL readings are available here:

Hymn collections

The Oremus hymnal offers a considerable repertoire of hymns, with a particular focus on hymns used in the Anglican tradition. It also includes a database which links hymns to the RCL readings. As well as the many hymns which are uploaded onto the site with full words it also includes an index to all the hymns which have appeared in major Anglican hymnals (even if copyright restrictions do not permit the full tet to appear).

The Cyberhymnal offers a wide range of hymns. It also offers a considerable range of hymns either written in or translated into languages other than English.

Exploring worship and liturgy

The following sites offer a selection of resources for and articles about worship.

The Worship Well is a creative collaboration between Church Publishing Incorporated, the Office of Liturgy and Music of TheEpiscopal Church.. It offers resources linked to ‘Word’, ‘Sound’ , ‘Image’ as well as a selection of seasonal resources.

Lift Up Your Hearts, the Worship and Spirituality Site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada  includes one of the widest and best organised wide selection of links to general practical liturgical and preaching resources.

Liturgical scholarship

A further section of the Lift Up Your Hearts site contains a collection of articles and resource links designed specifically with liturgical scholars in mind.

See also the Liturgy section of this Anglican Communion website.

Anglican prayer books

An extensive collection of the texts of present and past official Anglican prayer books (from a wide range of countries) can be found at

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